Robotics Club (DIURC) - Daffodil International University

Robotics Club is not just about building or assembling a robot, but designing, programming and modifying it to such extent that the robot would be able to overcome problems challenges given to it. This club builds the resilience of our scientific youth minds and gets them acquainted with real file engineering challenges and allows them the freedom of looking into creative solution for these issues. Best of all robotics provides a wholesome STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) equation which helps students prepare for the working word at a younger age which includes all the crazy ideas and whole load of fun! .The purpose of this club is to form many creative teams who will work with creative ideas in several areas of engineering technology and convert those ideas into innovative products for market, as well as to compete in national and international level competition. This club will create opportunity to attain an in-depth academic as well as extracurricular experience involving science and technology.

Our slogan: Think something unique. Work on something unique. Be unique.
Club Status: Approved by DIU Management, January 2015.
Club Convener:: Dr. TouhidBhuiyan, Head and Associate Professor, Dept. of SWE,DIU.

Advisory committee members:

1. Professor Dr. Yousuf Mahbubul Islam Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Daffodil International University
2. Prof.Dr.Engr. A.K.M FazlulHoque, Registrar, DIU.

Members from each Engineering Department:

4. Kaushik Sarker, Lecturer, SWE, DIU.
5. Md. Hafizul Imran, Research Associate,SWE , DIU.

International Advisor:

6. Mr. Takayoshi Suzuki (Japan,) Visiting Professor ,Natural science, DIU.

Executive Committee :

President :Rony Shaha 141-33-1772 01750592152 EEE
General Secretary :Minhaz ahmed 141-33-1864 01993005578 EEE
Secretary, Media and communication :Mujahiduzzaman Anu 143-33-2102 01521212900 EEE
Secretary, Media and Communication:MD Golam Morsed 151-15-4982 01776895506 CSE
Project Organizer: Md, Minhajul Islam 141-33-1724 EEE
Secretary, Project & Competition :Md.Abu Naser Rifat 161-15-7017 01827602049 CSE
Secretary, Project & Competition :Morsalin Bin Mosharof Fardun 142-33-1874 01521496391 EEE
Treasurer :Raihan Uddin 153-35-1319 01627180177 SWE
Project Organizer :Tonoy Saha 161-35-1424 01630657507 Swe
Project Organizer :Shihab uddin 151-33-2334 01521211426 EEE
Event Organizer :Taufiq Ahmed 153-33-3022 01718105707 EEE
Event Organizer: Fatema noor shilpi 161-33-3282 01937525175 EEE
Program Organizer: Elias ahmed 161-35-1426 01722684021 swe
Event Organizer: Md Mezbahul islam 143-33-2234 01681319764 EEE
Event Organizer: Kazi Sabbirul Islam 143-33-2242 01724468001
Event Organizer: Nimai dey 143-33-2265 01836681161 EEE CSE
Event Organizer: Md.Mahbub Alam 143-33-2256 01676689451 EEE
Event Organizer: JRokonuzzaman 133-33-1711 01729912906 EEE
Event Organizer: Mohammad joynal abedin 153-33-2841 EEE
Web Developer : Jahid Hasan 141-15-3323 01773544688 CSE